5 steps to seo reseller profits

SEO. Sell everything online? No, that isn’t the real explanation of the acronym SEO, but it’s actually both true and close to the intent of Search Engine Optimization. You really can sell anything and everything online. Many have even found the pathway to big SEO reseller income is that you can even sell thoughts and ideas online. Isn’t that what writing is? Selling your thoughts and ideas?
The pathway to big SEO reseller income is to generate and drive user traffic to the sites who want to move their way to the top of any search engine search. The more content that you generate that includes keywords that are linked to your customer’s website, the more income you can make. The process has become so needed and self sustaining that the top SEO content services are actually now selling their training tips to their competitors.
Get it? If I teach you the pathway to big SEO reseller income you begin generating your own content, which competes with my content. Now, I have to generate more content to compete with the content I just trained you in generating. And, I get to charge my customer for all of that content. Sounds like a never ending circle, doesn’t it? But, that’s the way the marketing world works. What is popular and attractive one month is what everyone else is attempting to copy the next month. The goal is to just barely stay ahead of the trend. It works a little like many other successful self generating industries. Let’s use the paper shredding industry as an example.
Security is a concern for all Americans. In a society that generates large amounts of both digital and paper documents, security is especially important. No one wants to deal with the repercussions of identity theft, and businesses who store and process large amounts of personal data for customers need to be especially diligent in how it is handled. One of the major ways that companies, especially health agencies, can provide the best security for its customers is by contracting with a paper shredding company.
If I convince you that your personal security is at risk and that you need to shred all of your papers, you will buy my paper shredder. Heck, you might even buy a paper shredder for every room in your house if I make you paranoid enough!
That’s how it works. I create a product or a service, and then I convince you that you need it. Once I convince you, I have created a new customer. In the SEO world though I am also able to convince my competitors that they also need my service. I can even convince them that I can train them and they can do it themselves. Genius, isn’t it? By encouraging you to compete with me, I actually win in the long run.

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